Fertilizing & Weed Control


Fertilizing with Weed Preventive

Outdoor Legacy is Licensed by The Department of Agriculture. Any Company may Apply fertilizer with out at License, BUT it is Required to have a License when applying a Pre or Post Emergent for controlling weeds.

We offer a Special blend “slow release” One Time Application fertilizer with a weed Preventive. This Special blend of fertilizer is Amazing and has so many benefits to it and you will Love that it only needs to be applied once in the early spring with less exposure to pets/kids vs Multiple application Fertilizers, the growth is regulated by the slow release and helping the lawn staying the same height all season vs traditional fertilizers of peaks and valleys making mowing a chore, Requires less water and Stays Greener ALL Season!

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Weed Control

Once Applying a Weed Preventive this doesn’t mean “Weed Killer”. If weeds have already germinated and present the Pre-Emergent will not kill the weeds. It Simply means to “Prevent”. The Combination of a Great balanced fertilizer, weed preventive, and a Post Emergent Spray (weed killer) followed by a Double Application aeration this is just what your lawn needs to start the season off right!

Discount Offers

$15 off when you combine services
Schedule Sprinkler Start-up and Aeration (double application) with your special one time Fertilizer with Pre-Emergent or Sprinkler Start-up and your Fall Sprinkler blow. Must be booked together (same time) and Discounts will be applied on last service bundled unless pre-paid in advance. (Visa,Master card). Also Get $15 off for each “new customer” you refer that sign up for new services.