Holiday Lights!


Need Holiday lights?

We have you covered! We offer a wide range of options from small simple to very large elaborate displays of your choice.

Have Your Own Lights?

No Problem! We would be HAPPY to install your own lights for you. Some jobs we charge by the hour and others by the job, either way we will help you get the job done! After the lights are installed and you would need help with burned out bulbs or lights not working? No Problem, We charge by the hour plus a trip charge for most repairs and any materials used.

Why Have Us Install Your New Holiday Lights?

When we install your “NEW” Complete (start to finish) Holiday Lights display, we offer you a 3 year full warranty on all LED Lights if we put them up and take them down each season for three years. All Non-LED lights warranty for the current season installed. If we install “new lights” and they stop working (No Problem!) we will come out FREE of charge to repair the new lights for your first year.