Spring Start-Up Activation

Need Your Sprinkler System Turned on?

We would be Happy to Help with your Sprinkler Activation! We Service all the major brands in the industry. All we need from you to get started is your info (Click Here). If you think you might need any sprinkler repairs in addition to the Activation please feel free to check out our most Common Repairs/Pricing.
We charge $90 for your Sprinkler Start-up and if you need any Repairs, we charge $90/Trip Charge plus your selected repair needed. If you bundle your services with other Spring or Fall Services we will offer you a Discount.

When Should I Turn On My Sprinklers?

Colorado spring time can be very tricky! The “Low Temperatures” at night need to remain above 32 degrees. This usually is the end of April to May and this is the best time to get your sprinklers up and going for the season.

Discount Offers

$15 off when you combine services

Schedule Sprinkler Start-up and Aeration (double application) with your special one time Fertilizer with Pre-Emergent or Sprinkler Start-up and your Fall Sprinkler blow out. Must be booked together (same time) and Discounts will be applied on last service bundled unless pre-paid in advance. (Visa,Master card). Also Get $15 off for each “new customer” you refer that sign up for new services.